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Some of these have been created along the way and some simply didn't quite make it in to our "los OCHO" menu......either way, they are still beautiful x

Toasted Turkey Club


Turkey, mayo, warm grilled back bacon, avocado, tomato & lettuce on a toasted triple decker sandwich

Sourdough Toasties

Tuna sourdough


Tuna mayo, rocket, spring onion & dill

Turkey sourdough


Turkey breast, mayo, avocado, spinach & roasted pine nuts

Ham sourdough


Wiltshire ham, mustard mayo, swiss cheese & tomatoes


Tuna & Halloumi


Tuna mix, grilled halloumi, rocket & balsamic glaze on a toasted wholemeal triple decker

Smokey Joe


Toasted triple decker with chicken, thick cut back bacon, melted mature cheddar cheese and bbq sauce

Cheeky Mo


Fresh mozzarella, chicken, pesto, sun dried tomatoes and rocket in a toasted wrap

Triple decker New Yorker


Chicken, pastrami, gherkins, Swiss cheese & full salad on a toasted triple decker....with BBQ sauce or redcurrant jelly

Toasted Club Sandwich


Chicken, mayo, warm grilled back bacon, tomato & lettuce on a toasted triple decker sandwich

Toasted Turkey Gobbler


Turkey breast, warm crispy bacon, cranberry sauce, mayo and crispy lettuce on a toasted sandwich

Halloumi Spesh! (V)


Grilled halloumi, mushrooms, grilled red peppers, rocket and mint yoghurt 

Veggie Pitta(V)


Scrambled egg, roasted cherry tomatoes, avocado & rocket in a toasted pitta


We have a massive variety and they change daily, with at least two on the menu most days, such as......

Soups - (includes a buttered roll)

(large soup )



Chicken noodle broth

Pea & ham

Tomato & Basil

Leek & potato

Brocolli & Cauliflower(with or without stilton)

Chicken & Chorizo

Lamb broth

Skinny carrot & red lentil

Sweet potato & red pepper

French onion

Roasted red pepper & butternut squash

Butternut squash & chilli

Sweet potato & chilli