All of our salad boxes/plates come with a salad base consisting of mixed leaves, red onion, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, egg, cucumber, spring onion/pepper mix, homemade coleslaw & balsamic glaze.


Then choose your main salad filling from below.......


All salads can be upgraded to a superfood salad by adding feta cheese, avocado and toasted pine nuts +£1

Large plated EAT-IN salads


Any large plated eat-in salad


Super food +£1

Salmon +50p

Prawns +50p


Chicken & Bacon


Fresh sliced chicken breast & crispy bacon, avocado

Coronation Chicken


Homemade coronation chicken

Fiery Chicken


Homemade fiery chicken



Fresh sliced chicken breast



crumbled feta cheese, black olives & houmous



Fresh sliced roast wiltshire ham

Cheese Mix


Our homemade cheese mix of mature cheddar, red leicester red onion, spring onion & mayo

Fresh Prawns


Fresh icelandic prawns with or without marie rose sauce

Fresh Salmon


Freshly baked salmon fillet

Tuna Mix


Special homemade Tuna mix

Super Food


spinach, avocado, crumbled feta topped with roasted pine nuts



Thick grilled halloumi slices

Quinoa with Soy(Vg)


Quinoa , avocado, yellow peppers with soy dressing

Any extra filling


To add any main extra salad filling such as ham, cheese, chicken, feta cheese etc.....

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