The Classics

All your favourites on a variety of fresh breads, served with crispy lettuce, cucumber, tomoatoes & red onion.

Fresh cut Sandwiches

Ham Salad
Finest roast ham with all the salad of your choice


Fresh sliced chicken breast


Coronation chicken
One of the nation's favourites!!....our home made coronation chicken that we are truly proud of!


Fiery Chicken
Fresh cooked sliced chicken breast with a kick!


Chicken & stuffing
Fresh sliced chicken breast with stuffing.....add some special cranberry sauce for a taste of Christmas!


Cajun Chicken
Chicken breast in cajun spices


Chicken & Bacon
Sliced chicken breast and crispy bacon


Cheese Salad
Your choice of Welsh mature cheddar cheese, red Leicester, feta or swiss cheese with all the salad you like


Tuna mix salad
Classic tuna mix of tuna flakes, finely chopped red onion, mixed peppers, spring onion, mayonnaise, lemon juice with sea salt and cracked black pepper


Fresh prawns
Icelandic prawns with your choice of salad...add our home made seafood sauce for extra taste


Cheese mix
Grated mature welsh cheddar, grated red Leicester, finely chopped red onion, spring onion, mayonnaise with sea salt and cracked black pepper


Classic BLT
Classic Bacon, lettuce and tomato with creamy mayo


Egg mayo
free range eggs with mayonnaise, a pinch of salt and cracked black pepper


Simply fresh sliced beef, all on its own......or with horse radish or mustard?


Fresh sliced turkey breast.....add stuffing & cranberry sauce(+20p)


Freshly baked salmon fillet with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and black pepper


Red pepper houmous & beetroot(Vg)
Red pepper houmous, crunchy iceberg lettuce, grated carrot, bell peppers & beetroot



Chilli chicken & cheese
Sweet chilli chicken and melted cheese Panini


Meat Feast
Ham, Pepperoni, salami & chorizo Panini.......with melted cheese


Tuna & cheese
Tuna mayo and grated cheese Panini


Breakfast Panini
Finest pork sausage, bacon and sliced tomatoes(add cheese 30p)


Brie, Bacon & Cranberry sauce
Deliciously salty and sweet!


Tuna Crunch
Our special Tuna mix oozing with melted cheese


Spicy Jalapeno
Pepperoni, sliced chorizo, Jalapeno peppers and melted cheese


Chicken pesto
pesto, chicken, mozzarella & roasted red peppers


Ham & Cheese
Finest quality Wilshire Ham with melted mature Cheddar cheese


Mozzarella plus(V)
Mozzarella, sundried tomatoes with pesto(add chicken +50p)


Houmous & peppers(V)
Houmous, roasted red peppers, maasdam cheese, black olives & spinach


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Breads to choose from.....

Soft white bread


Soft brown bread


Crusty white baguette(+20p)


Crusty granary baguette(+20p)


Soft white sub roll


Soft brown sub roll


Large tortilla wrap


Pitta bread


Add any meat(+50p)




Homemade coleslaw(+20p)


Sliced chorizo(+40p)


Fiery jalapenos(+20p)


Sliced egg(+20p)





Sun dried tomatoes(+20p)


Sliced sweet red peppers(+20p)


Sliced beetroot(+20p)




Homemade seafood sauce